Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Free space on Onedrive decreases if you don't act now!!

If you use Microsoft's cloud, Skydrive, currently you have 15 GB of free storage, but this is about to change.

What will happen in 2016?

For some time Microsoft offered unlimited free space to holders of Office 365. Many people have "abused" by this possibility, charging up to 75TB (75000GB) of videos and other files.

Given these "abuses" (abuses in quotation marks, because if you offer unlimited space, I load what I want), Microsoft has decided to penalize all users, even those who do not have an account Office 365. So between these users there are also you.

Starting from 2016, Microsoft will limit 5 GB free space for new users and for those already enrolled who do not follow the steps in this post (you have time until January 31, 2016)

What to do to keep the 15 GB of free space on Onedrive?

Existing users who use Onedrive (even if you don't use it, but has an email outlook.com or hotmail) must confirm that I want to continue to use the 15 GB of space. Let's see how to do it.

First you have to connect to the Microsoft website to confirm, by clicking here.

Now that you're on the page, click on Keep your free storage


If you are not yet logged in to your account, enter your details and click on sign in

Now you have to click on Yes


That's it, now your 15 GB of space to stored are guaranteed (until Microsoft does not change idea).

If 15 GB is not enough for you, you can always switch to Office 365, which offers 1 TB of space, as well as the Office suite programs.

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