Monday, October 19, 2015

How to find similar photos with Google images

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If you've seen the MTV broadcast Catfish: False identities, you may have noticed that use Google Images to look for photos that are on Facebook and see if were published on other social and portals. Let's see how you do.

How to use Google Images to search for similar images

If you use Google Chrome Browser, the operation is very simple, just click right mouse button on the image that you want to search for, and select Search Google for this image (if you are using other browsers, see below).

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At this point you open a new tab in the Browser with the image search result. As you can see in the image below, the photo taken from Facebook profile of Megan Fox, was also used by some portals.

Google Images

Search similar images with other browsers

If you're not using Google Chrome but Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc., you can make finding similar photos, but the procedure is slightly different.

You must first save the photo that you want to search on your computer and then you have to connect to Google images site. At this point, click on the camera symbol.

Google Imeges

Now click on Upload an image and then Browse button

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Find the image you want to upload on your Computer, select it and click Open

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Now you should see the image search result.

Google Images

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